A Kinetic Sculpture for Treviso Airport.


The kinetic sculpture proposed for the terminal hall of Treviso airport is unfolding its own beauty recalling a flying carpet and its associated dreams of far far away mystical places on our planet.

The slow wave-like movement generated by 24 individually moving aluminium tentacles combined with changing colour led illumination is activating the terminal hall like a moving cloud, setting a contrast of lightness against the dark timber ceiling. Movement and light are merging into a mechanic poem telling the tales of long forgotten dreams and places in a hypermobile world.

Design Team: Architecture and Vision – Arturo Vittori, Andreas Vogler.
Collaboration: Matteo Mazzero, Raffi Tchakerian, Gianni Massironi.
Structural Engineers: Gabriele Ferro & Gaetano Orlandi.

Background Location: Treviso Airport.
Concept: Interactive Sculpture.
Materials: Steel, aluminium, plexiglass.
Weight: 300 Kg.

Year: 2013