A Sustainable ecological Packaging for Industries.


Discovered a sustainable ecological packaging design using “Palm Pack Fiber” applied it to the packaging operations of the company ́s products. PalmPack fibre material it was obtained by the palm plants Trachycarpus Fortunei (Corypheae family). Once processed the fibre It´s a great material for biodegradable packaging, aesthetically pleasing and elegant.


Team Leader: Matteo Mazzero.
Design Team: Matteo Mazzero, Michele Vampari, Giulia Soligo, Damiano Frison.
Collaboration: Produzione Privata.
Concept: Natural packaging.
Material: Palm Pack fibre (Trachycarpus Fortunei).

Context: Student – Course of Industrial Design by Michele De Lucchi – I.U.A.V. University of Treviso, Italy.

Year: 2009