La Grande Folla



A Collecting Water System for Rwanda.


The name of the structure, that means La Grande Folla (“BigLeaf”), wants to be by itself a description of what we created. Inspired by the world of nature, we looked for the most flexible and organic structures that ever stood under the sun to protect from light and rain, and to take their energy as a fundamental source, thus discovering the world of leaves. Each leaf represents by its shape the sophisticated design that plants have developed to allow the photosynthetic processes. The formal configurations that leaves can take are seemingly endless and varied, as opposed to family, shape, colour, and texture. Our work started by trying to figure out what kind of configuration can be built up to meet the most various kinds of human needs, without forgetting that we are working for a developing country, which is Rwanda. The shape we worked on had to be very organic and essential, light and flexible, and tough at the same time, so the choice to build with a versatile material taken from nature, like bamboo is, was crucial. The final results embody our responsible approach to the values of innovation mixed with the economy and functionality of nature.


Team Leader: Matteo Mazzero.
Design Team: Matteo Mazzero, Dario Martini, Martina Facci, Idoia Mendiola.
Teachers: Gaddo Morpurgo, Filippo Mastinu.

Concept: Reproduce a leaf made of bamboo.
Materials: Bamboo, hemp.
Wight: About 200 kg.

Context: Student – Atelier Rwanda Lab,  I.U.A.V. University of Venice, IT.

Year: 2010

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