IZSVe NewLogo



A New Brand Identity for IZSVe.



For this graphic project, I wanted to represent with a simple continuous line the words that make up the company name, as if they emit any from the glass vial.

The Istituto IZSVe – Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie provides technical support to activities in the fields of animal health and food safety both to the public (Italian national and regional governments) and private organizations (companies). It provides diagnostic services and other technical services necessary for meeting the needs of the agricultural/food-processing production system and at the same time ensuring consumer protection.

Design by: Matteo Mazzero.
Supervisor: Marta Baggio.

Objectives: Design a new logo for IZSVe Company.
Concept: Continuity of sign as continuity of scientific research.
Award: Winner of the Competition.

Context: Student – Competition, Course of “Graphic Design” , M. Fanoli, Cittadella, IT.

Year: 2006

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