Interactive Installation



An Infographics Interactive Installation in Istanbul.


The purpose was to create at the same time an attraction into the stand of I.U.A.V. University at IDW and show a different aspect of Italian Design Products by students that concerns scientific research, medical industry, Aereo-space design.
The stand included infographics, panels, an interactive installation.

Design Team: Matteo Mazzero, Dario Martini, Isabella Loddo, Alessio Abdolahian, Jacopo Bortolato, Valentina Lamantia, Arianna Picco.

Supervisor: Simona Morini.
Partner: Istanbul Bilgi University and Istanbul Design Week.

Objectives: Interactive Installation.
Concept: Use connectivity to show connections.
Technology involved: VVV, Adobe Creative Suite software for photo and image editing.
Location: Istanbul Design Week, Eski Galata Köprüsü, Istanbul, TR.

Context: Workshop – I.U.A.V. University of Venice, IT.

Year: 28.09.2011 – 02.10.2011