Making Flight a Safer Experience with IoT.


COLIBRI is the first plug&play AI low-cost solution for real-time analysis and prediction of flight critical states for pilots of light aircraft, ultralights, gliders, and para. Every day around the world many pilots and people enjoy flying, but can also experience, for many reasons, sudden control loss or reach very quickly unwanted operational conditions, that can lead to serious accidents. COLIBRI addresses these issues by identifying in advance the conditions that lead to accidents and notifying the pilot before it’s too late. Furthermore, COLIBRI provides cloud services which can be used by pilots, instructors, students and flight schools, to get accurate flight analysis and support training.

IOT/WT Statement:

With many advancements in air traffic, safety is still a major concern, COLIBRI by “IoTech Swiss” (Matteo Mazzero and Daniele Sammartino) is the first plug and play AI based solution created to save pilots’ and passengers’ lives, and improve flight quality. The company is bringing into the market integrated hardware and software solutions that help to identify, analyze and predict unwanted conditions that might lead to accidents.


Award: “IOT/WT Innovation World Cup 2017/18 – Gemalto Security Award”, at the (MWC) Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Design by: Matteo Mazzero, Daniele Sammartino – IoTech Swiss

Concept: Making flight a safer experience with IoT.


Year: 2017