Caproni Ca.3



The Caproni Ca.3 Replica.


Is the only bomber of World War I able to fly and the largest amateur-built aircraft ever made in Italy.
The construction started in 2008 in Italy, on the basis of technical documentation provided by the Caproni family reliefs on the originals.
It features three automotive engine Ford 300 six-cylinder in-line, modified for aviation use and equipped with a gearbox.

Developer: Giancarlo Zanardo.
Assistant: Matteo Mazzero.

Objective: Realise a replica of the historical aircraft Caproni Ca.3.
Concept: Starting from the original project of Ca.450 – Ca.33Z (1914).

Exposed: Hangar Caproni – Jonathan Collection Foundation, Nervesa della Battaglia, IT.

Years: 2008-2013

Jonathan Collection Foundation