AeroLiner 3000



A Fully Compatible Double Decker Train For Great Britain.


The primary objective of the AeroLiner 3000 is to outline and define a new approach to a high-speed double-decker train for the future British high-speed rail network, consisting of HS 2 and its planned connections into the existing network by so-called “classic-compatible trains”. AeroLiner 3000 shows the potential for future-proof capacity, low carbon emission through lightweight construction, cost-sensitive innovation and improved customer comfort. These Four C’s are an underlying guideline for the project.

World premiere in Berlin:
To demonstrate the railway industry and its experts an impression of the interior of AeroLiner 3000 a 9m long full-scale mockup will be presented at Innotrans 2016 in Berlin. The world largest international trade fair for railways takes place from 20 to 23 September. The AeroLiner 3000 is shown at the stand of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) (Hall 2.2, Stand 405).


Design Team: Andreas Vogler Studio – Andreas Vogler (LPH1-8), Matteo Mazzero (LPH1-8), Sylwia Pawłowska (LPH3-8), Sebastian Wolf (LPH3-8).

Engineers: German Aerospace Center Institute of Vehicle Concepts DLR – Dr. Joachim Winter, Dr. Jens Koenig.
Consultant: Robert Künzler.
Client: RSSB, UK.
Years: 2013-2015

Companies and products involved in demonstrator construction and outfit:

Main Contractor: GETA mbH, Wangen, DE
Structural Analysis: IB-Reinecke, München, DE

Dimmable Windows: Vision Systems, Brignais, FR
Illumination: OLEDWorks GmbH, Aachen, DE
HPL: Abet GmbH, Herford, DE
Electrics: Stehle Elektro GmbH, Neukirch, DE

Seats: RICA, Riihimäki, FI
Leather: Lantal Textiles AG, Langenthal, CH
Fabric: Kvadrat GmbH, Bad Homburg, DE
Flooring: Forbo Flooring BV, Assendelft, NL
Graphical Films: Gapp Print, Wangen, DE