5cento 540



A Classic Pieces of American Design 60s.


5cento 540 line seats for communities characterized by clean lines and soft lines that reminds us of the classic pieces of American design 60s. The seat has a unitary form typical of the monocoque but is actually comprised of two parts (seat + back) and this allows a great ease of assembly, the coating and especially a compositional freedom indispensable in this field. Can I have different finishes, different materials (plastic, wood, upholstery) and I can pair them with each other.

Design Team: LucciOrlandini Design –  Paolo Orlandini, Folco Orlandini, Gianni Martinelli, Matteo Mazzero, Marcello Santin.

Client: OPM Group.
Objectives: Ease of assembly, propose different material for the construction (plastic, wood, upholstery).
Concept: Classic pieces of American design 60s.
Materials: Plastic, wood, upholstery.

Context: Stage – LucciOrlandini Design, Sedriano, Milan, IT.

Year: 2009-2013